Mummies, again

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Mummies, again

Postby Witness » Sat May 13, 2017 5:25 pm

17 mummies discovered in central Egypt

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered 17 mummies in desert catacombs in Minya province, an "unprecedented" find for the area south of Cairo, the antiquities ministry announced Saturday.

Archaeologists found the non-royal mummies in a series of corridors after following the trail of burial shafts in the Touna-Gabal district of the central Egyptian province, the ministry said in a statement.

Along with the mummies, they found a golden sheet and two papyri in Demotic -- an ancient Egyptian script -- as well as a number of sarcophogi made of limestone and clay.

There were also animal and bird coffins, the ministry said.

But the mummies have not yet been dated.

The ministry said they belonged to the Late Period, which spanned almost 300 years up to Alexander the Great's conquest of Egypt in 332 BC.

But a spokeswoman told AFP they could also date from the Ptolemaic Dynasty, founded by Alexander the Great's general Ptolemy.

In other news:
Egyptian mummies found in Kyiv Cathedral

A truly historical discovery. Two Egyptian mummies along with elaborately decorated sarcophagi were found in Kyiv’s Pechersk Lavra. The artifacts spent several decades in a museum depository and were discovered by archaeologists earlier this year during an audit.

Masked faces, eyes sparkling with fascination. Journalists, historians and government officials have gathered in the halls of Kyiv-Pechersk Museum Complex, all eyes on the four wooden, cloth-covered boxes. History spanning thousands of years hides here. The Egyptian artifacts date as far back as the 11th century before Common Era.

They're everywhere, and I don't feel safe anymore! :shock:

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