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Postby Doctor X » Tue May 19, 2015 5:58 am

Nurse raped and strangled finally dies after 40+ years in a permanent vegetative state.

There are "evidences"--No Thanks--that the rapist violated her a second time after he was released.

A feisty, pretty, 25-year-old nurse at KEM was eagerly changing from her uniform into a rose pink sari to go to meet her doctor fiance when she was vengefully sodomised by Sohanlal Bharta Walmiki, a hospital sweeper.

She had earlier publicly berated him for stealing the food meant for the hospital's dogs.

Not content with the brutal assault, he strangled her with a dog chain and walked away.

She was discovered only 11 hours later, unbelievably still alive. But the miracle was a mockery.

She survived near-certain death, she actually emerged from her coma, some of her brain cells had survived the cutting off of the oxygen supply. But they were precisely those which kept her conscious only of pain.

This is incorrect. A person in a permanent vegetative state are not conscious of anything. They may react reflexively to pain. They are correct to recognize that she did not remain in a coma as is often portrayed in the press. I am unaware of any evidence that she was "minimally conscious."

Because it wasn't rape as it was understood until the tough new law passed early in 2014 - after the 2012 gang rape and murder of a student on a Delhi bus - Ms Shanbaug's attacker got a total of 14 years in jail. He was allowed to serve his two sentences simultaneously, and walked free after just seven.

Days after his release, she was found unconscious on her hospital bed, the guard rail down and her tongue mysteriously bitten.

Someone reported seeing a male figure slipping into the room - it's not clear who. So bars were put on her window, and a padlock on its door.

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