The Schadenfreude Thread

Lies, damned lies, and statistics.
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Re: The Schadenfreude Thread

Post by Skeeve » Mon Oct 08, 2018 8:47 pm

The Dems' Total War Against Kavanaugh Is Backfiring Spectacularly
Election 2018: Democrats may have seriously miscalculated when they decided to mount an unprecedented campaign of character assassination against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. There could be hope for this country yet.

The latest IBD/TIPP poll finds not only that President Donald Trump gained four points in his approval rating, and 7% in the exclusive Presidential Leadership Index. But the Democrats' 11-point advantage in the generic ballot has been all but vaporized. It's now down to 2 points, with just a month to go until the midterm elections.

That's a sudden and stunning turnaround that can only be explained by the public's horrified reaction to the Democrats unhinged attacks on Kavanaugh.
People got a real up-close and personal look at the crazy train that is POUND-ME-TOO!
And the state of feminism in America.

Women to Crazed Feminists: We Will Fight You to Defend Our Men
Fallout from the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and the now-debunked allegations of sexual assault by Christine Blasey Ford has expanded the divide not only between Republicans and Democrats, but among women -- the very group Democrats hoped to motivate for this year’s midterms.

As I’ve covered the hearings and the circus surrounding them, I’ve heard a constant refrain -- conservative women are furious about the false allegations leveled against Kavanaugh. They resent the feminist call to believe the woman and thereby assume the man’s guilt simply because he is a member of the male collective.

Feminists have made a mistake assuming that they speak for all women. They don’t.

Many of us are mothers. We have sons whom we love and would defend to our last drop of blood.

We have husbands, fathers, brothers, and male friends we hold in high esteem. Kavanaugh referenced these relationships during his testimony when he pleaded with the committee to consider how they would respond if this happened to a man they loved.
Then Skank Of America could start in...

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Re: The Schadenfreude Thread

Post by Abdul Alhazred » Tue Oct 16, 2018 5:16 pm

Still blaming Nader after all these years. 8)
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