An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow

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Re: An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow

Post by DrMatt » Sun Feb 09, 2014 11:55 pm

Moses Farrow has spoken in favor of Allen.
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Re: An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow

Post by Doctor X » Mon Feb 10, 2014 12:21 am


I often recommend the documentary Capturing the Freedmans for a number of reasons. Part of it for how kids can be manipulated to give false testimony with the best intentions--from police and social workers who want to catch and punish child molesters. I will put some of the details in a "spoiler":
Two people go to jail--a father and a son. It seems very very clear that the son did nothing but felt forced to confess to serve 10ish years rather than 30+. The problem was his father confessed.

The father? Did he actually molest any children? I do not know. However he did obtain child pornography. That part is certain. There is no evidence he molested his own sons--or at least none was presented--but there is evidence he may have molested his brother. His brother has either willfully blotted it from his memory or it did not happen.

This was during the many day care molestation scares.

Some of the children interviewed freely admit they said what they said just to go home. The police told them, "we know what happened!" In fact, an retired cop explains to the documentarians how you have to tell children what they witnessed. This is how you interview them. Complete rubbish, of course. To be fair, few expected children to "make up" such charges.

One may be making it all up. His story conflicts with other testimony and changes even during the documentary.

But does that exonerate the father? I do not know.

The relevance to this case is Allen could have molested her--even given the details of the rebuttal posted by Allen's documentarian above. That it would appear "stupid" to do it at that time does not mean it did not happen.

Or it never happened. I would think enough posts have been made about how memories are malleable. More than one kid has realized they were moved to agree to accusations and even believe them. This is not "brain washing" at all. It is the way memory works and the way one can influence memory. Hell, I joke about how many people think if Bill Buckner fielded the ball, the RS win the WS. No. It just ends the inning. There was another game. But the scene shown over and over again has led to the mistake.

Allen may be a pedophile . . . or an ebophiliac or whateverthefuckImnotarsedtolookitup term applies to Japan people attracted to adolescents. That does not mean he actually molested anyone.

Does not me he did not either.

I would suspect that if he did molest he would do it again. This is not just a fetish that "goes away." However, absence of further accusations does not mean he did not molest her either.

And [ZzzzZZZzzz--Ed.] . . . that rather is that. Despite his appeals to certitude, Robert has no actual evidence. There is also no evidence that conclusively exonerates Allen either. So we are left with speculation.

Rotten place to be.
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Re: An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow

Post by corplinx » Tue Feb 18, 2014 9:43 pm

Rob Lister wrote: The Dylan issue aside, for that alone he needs to be horsewhipped.
People who get caught up in his affair with Soon-Yi tend to believe the Dylan Farrow stuff. Just sayin.

His affair with Soon-Yi, who was a legal adult, is none of my business. If he molested Dylan Farrow, and he was not indicted/convicted, then why are you so convinced he did it? Why does his affair with Soon-Yi have anything to do with that?

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Re: An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow

Post by Witness » Mon May 28, 2018 3:40 am

Complement: A SON SPEAKS OUT By Moses Farrow. (Long read.)

His conclusion:
To those who have become convinced of my father’s guilt, I ask you to consider this: In this time of #MeToo, when so many movie heavyweights have faced dozens of accusations, my father has been accused of wrongdoing only once, by an enraged ex-partner during contentious custody negotiations. During almost 60 years in the public eye, not one other person has come forward to accuse him of even behaving badly on a date, or acting inappropriately in any professional situation, let alone molesting a child. As a trained professional, I know that child molestation is a compulsive sickness and deviation that demands repetition. Dylan was alone with Woody in his apartment countless times over the years without a hint of impropriety, yet some would have you believe that at the age of 56, he suddenly decided to become a child molester in a house full of hostile people ordered to watch him like a hawk.

To the actors who have worked with my father and have voiced regret for doing so: You have rushed to join the chorus of condemnation based on a discredited accusation for fear of not being on the “right” side of a major social movement. But rather than accept the hysteria of Twitter mobs, mindlessly repeating a story examined and discredited 25 years ago, please consider what I have to say. After all, I was there – in the house, in the room – and I know both my father and mother and what each is capable of a whole lot better than you.

To my sister Dylan: Like you, I believe in the power of speaking out. I have broken my silence about the abuse inflicted by our mother. My healing began only after getting away from her. And what she has done to you is unbearable. I wish you peace, and the wisdom to understand that devoting your life to helping our mother destroy our father’s reputation is unlikely to bring you closure in any kind of lasting way.

Finally, to my mother: One thing you always said you appreciated about me was my ability to listen. I listened to you for years and held your truth above all others. You once said to me, “It’s not healthy to hold onto anger.” Yet here we are, 26 years later. I’m guessing your next step will be to launch a campaign to discredit me for speaking out. I know it comes with the territory. And it’s a burden I am willing to bear.

But, after all this time, enough is enough. You and I both know the truth. And it’s time for this retribution to end.