Covid Testing

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Covid Testing

Post by ed »

Some simple questions.

If you have been vaccinated will you test positive?

Is that test dependent?

What does testing "positive " mean? You have it? You had it? You have been vaccinated or any or all of these?

Does a positive test mean you are transmitting the disease?

Thank you.
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Re: Covid Testing

Post by sparks »

Simple internet search on number 1 above says no to testing positive on viral tests as a result of vaccination.

Number 3 means that you likely have it if you test positive.

If you have it, you can spread it.

More interesting is the fact that vaccinated peeps can still get it. Not very bloody likely, but it has happened. Symptoms are generally much milder in vaccinated as opposed to unvaccinated peeps.
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Re: Covid Testing

Post by robinson »

If a person has covid, but with no symptoms, they are far more likely to spread the virus

The important factor is how much vital shedding a person is doing