1st Selections 2018

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1st Selections 2018

Post by Nyarlathotep »

Just got this in my e-mail today.

"We are leading agency specialized in (Global) Customers". We have a evaluate surveys programs, and will pay $400 / assignments.

Once you register, you will receive instructions (Details Job) and access training materials of assignment from us.

Send your info below to get started.

zip code:

Thanks for participation.

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Given the firm grasp of the English Language exhibited by the writer of the e-mail and the wealth of details about the company and job, not to mention the fact that it passed through my spam filters and got to my main inbox, there is no way this is a scam. Nope, no way whatsoever.

Seriously, though, I need ideas on how to fuck with these people
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Re: 1st Selections 2018

Post by Witness »

Nyarlathotep wrote:Seriously, though, I need ideas on how to fuck with these people
You'll easily find instructions on the Internet, they mostly boil down to this:


But then it's "these people"'s job, and you would be doing it on your free time… :(
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Re: 1st Selections 2018

Post by Pyrrho »

There was a service to which you forward your scam emails and a bot fucks with the scammers. Sadly, they're gone.

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Re: 1st Selections 2018

Post by Doctor X »

There are groups who re-scam the scammers. I dabbled in it, but mainly in short-term stuff.

Some have become truly epic at baiting scammers from having them tattoo themselves, get themselves arrested, or even wander into war zones.

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