The new video games business model

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The new video games business model

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Paulie Cicero would approve.

Destiny 2 XP advancement system changed after players cry foul
Told they were earning one amount, actually awarded another

Destiny 2’s progression system for players beyond level 20 will change, following player outcry over a system of diminishing experience-point returns that players suspected was steering them toward buying the game’s loot box item.

In a post yesterday evening, Bungie announced that it is deactivating a progression system that reduced XP gains for certain events “that can be quickly, repeatedly chained, like grinding Public Events.

“We are not happy with the results, and we’ve heard the same from the community,” Bungie wrote.

The outcry began about three weeks ago, and has its strongest basis in this analysis in the Destiny subreddit. Written by Redditor EnergiserX, it spoke to many players’ individual observations of how their own progression was going since last weekend’s initial “Clarion Call” public event, which gave an XP bonus to those who played it with fellow clan members.

Over the course of three tests, EnergiserX determined “there is a hidden scaling factor that ramps up as you earn XP more quickly.” Moreover, Destiny 2’s public events were only delivering half of the XP they promised.

The rate of XP accrual is important because, after level 20, each time a player fills up their XP bar they’re entitled to a Bright Engram, which is Destiny 2’s loot box equivalent — as in, it can be bought for real money via in-game purchase. Like loot boxes in other games, a Bright Engram contains cosmetic items, typically emotes, ships or weapon skins.

“Over the 3 hours [of play time] I should have earned ~1.5 more Bright Engrams than I did,” EnergiserX concluded. That comports with other players’ complaints since the Clarion Call event was first offered a week ago, in which players noticed that successive completions of the 5,000 XP event actually filled their XP bar less and less each time.

Redditor IbeLIEvel reported the same experience in this thread, with screenshots, confirming that a Bright Engram runs about 80,000 XP. “On the first event completion, the amount needed for my next bright engram went down correctly according to DIM,” they wrote. “On the second public event completion, I again checked DIM and received barely any XP.” ... ith_xp_in/ ... _cooldown/
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Re: The new video games business model

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A lot of people need to get a life.
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Re: The new video games business model

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How else do you keep junkies on the hook? It's a very good system. Cleaner than pushing drugs and addictive, it's the same.
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Re: The new video games business model

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"New" as in several years old, perhaps.
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