Goodbye "No Child Left Behind," Hello "Every Student Succeeds"

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Goodbye "No Child Left Behind," Hello "Every Student Succeeds"

Post by Anaxagoras »

The law itself may be fine and all, but don't you just looove the way they name these things?

"Every Student Succeeds", gimme a break. :roll:

As for what's actually in it: ... ild-behind
The new law changes much about the federal government's role in education, largely by scaling back Washington's influence. While ESSA keeps in place the basic testing requirements of No Child Left Behind, it strips away many of the high stakes that had been attached to student scores.

The job of evaluating schools and deciding how to fix them will shift largely back to states. Gone too is the requirement, added several years ago by the Obama administration, that states use student scores to evaluate teachers.

The new law, which passed the House and Senate with rare, resounding bipartisan support, would also expand access to high-quality preschool.
I think this is probably better than trying to control everything from Washington, but obviously this change does not mean that every student will succeed from now on.
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Re: Goodbye "No Child Left Behind," Hello "Every Student Succeeds"

Post by Doctor X »

We proclaimed it and wrote it on paper!

So it will happen!


P.S. Too many years ago I listened to a very interested lecture on the sort of universal sacredness of written documents. It is magical thinking that crosses cultures that have a writting system.
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Re: Goodbye "No Child Left Behind," Hello "Every Student Succeeds"

Post by Pyrrho »

Privatization in 3...2...1...

"To the victor, the spoils."
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Re: Goodbye "No Child Left Behind," Hello "Every Student Succeeds"

Post by gnome »

Ohhhh honestly didn't think of that. A case of mismanaging a government function, and then using the poor results as justification to create a private boondoggle... nice...
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Re: Goodbye "No Child Left Behind," Hello "Every Student Succeeds"

Post by Ben Trovado »


That is the science of giving things a nice coating so you swallow it easier. The govenment does it all the time in the hopes of fooling the people into forgetting how badly they ave screwed things up.

Something gets a negative perception? Fixing the problem is hard, and we don't want to actually do stuff diiferently (it is set up to allow us power and graft, not to fix the issue, after all). So we will change the name in the hope that it will take time for the people to associate all the negative stuff with the new name.

It worls for other problems, too: Prison? sounded negative. Department of Corrections. That sounds better, until people work out we're talking about a prison. Garbage, Sewer? No, no: Department of Sanitation.

War? Police action (until that got too mocked, then perhaps "Kinetic action" will do).

Etc., Etc. They have to change the names of things from time to time to try and shed some of the negative feelings associated with the old name.
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Re: Goodbye "No Child Left Behind," Hello "Every Student Succeeds"

Post by sparks »

It's really perfectly simple: Double teachers salaries, halve the class sizes and if any are still 'not succeeding' throw their dumb asses in some remedial classes until the do suck seed.
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