Movie reccomendation

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Movie reccomendation

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Whoosie face was in the Talented Mr. Ripley which was a good flick, IMHO. Shortly after a better movie based on the estimable Tom Ripley came out: Ripley's Game starring John Malkovich.

I really like the character of Tom Ripley, I see a bit of me there.
Jonathan Trevanny: Are we going to get away with it?
Tom Ripley: Why not?
Jonathan Trevanny: I've just never been the sort of person to get away with things. At school, other kids got away with all sorts. But not me. I always got caught.
Tom Ripley: You know why you got caught?
Jonathan Trevanny: Why?
Tom Ripley: Because you didn't think of just killing your teachers.

and Malkovich nails it, again, IMO.

On the Brits (and presumably, based on observation, the Kiwis):
Luisa Harari: [about Jonathan] He's got leukaemia.
Tom Ripley: Is drunken pomposity a symptom?
Luisa Harari: No. He's just English.
Anyway, give it a watch. Maybe watch the Matt Daemon thing first but the Malkovich effort stands on its own admiarably.

There is a third entry too, Ripley Under Ground. Ripley played by Barry Pepper who was the sniper in Saving Private Ryan. I saw it, don't remember it well. Which says something.

Please report back.

eta ... and by all means read the novels by Pat Highsmith.
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Re: Movie reccomendation

Post by Hotarubi »

Abdul Alhazred wrote: Mon Oct 05, 2020 2:53 pm Good old Whoosie face. :roll:

Ever see Luis Buñuel's The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie ?

Worth a watch. :coolspecs:

You can even bring the kiddies. No horrific gore or nauseating scatology like his earlier works with Salvador Dali. :notsure:
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Re: Movie reccomendation

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