How Do You Build A Web Site?

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Luke T.
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How Do You Build A Web Site?

Post by Luke T. »

A coworker wants to create a sports web page with a friend of his and wants to know how to go about it. But he knows less about this sort of thing than I do, which is ZERO. He doesn't even know how to spell HTML.

Additionally, he would like to have a discussion forum on his site.

So what's a good web host with simple instructions that help design your own personal web site that would be a good place for him to go?

He wants a specific URL and not some kind of generic or somesuch address.

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Post by Andonyx »

Okay well, as for hosting...

I really like They have a good record, good service, and are very helpful technically, they have a lot of tutorials and advice for the novice, and their basic hosting backage with 100MB of space and 100 e-mail accounts works out to like 60$ for the first year of service, plus domain registration, then $100 per year after that.

Also, Fatcow has some free guest book type scripts you can install for cheapo but limited user post functionality.

Then as for site design...well, there's microsoft Front page which is easy for the novie because it's like designing something in MS Word, but it's a crappy package otherwise. The HTML is sloppy and buggy, and in general it kinda sucks.

Dreamweaver by Macromedia is much better and the HTML code is fairly tight. Going through the tutorials is a straightforward way to learn some good web techniques, and there are countless free user forums to help you if you get stuck or want to learn new features. However Dreamweaver costs like $500.
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Post by ceptimus »

For a website you can even use Microsoft Word (yes, it has a 'save as HTML' option). It's crappy, but for someone who knows no HTML at all, it's a way to start.

If he wants to run a discussion forum, but knows nothing about HTML and web hosting etc. etc. then (in my opinion) he needs either:

* Help from a tech person.

* To spend a few weeks (minimum) learning up on HTML, PHP, etc.
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Post by tamiO »

ceptimus wrote: * To spend a few weeks (minimum) learning up on HTML, PHP, etc.
W3 Schools is a good place for him to get started .
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Post by DrMatt »

If the guy isn't a programmer and isn't willing to become a programmer, hiring a programmer is the most cost-effective thing to do. A graphic designer can help make things pretty, and a programmer can make things work.

I write my personal web pages in Notepad. The server I'm using now supports server-side includes, so I might start using those.

At my job, I've had to do a little repair work on JSP web pages, and a lot of Fusebox-for-Coldfusion with small datasets in Access files and large datasets in an Oracle service. Hey, it pays the bills and allows me to lead a Borodin-like life as an independent composer! :D
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Post by asthmatic camel »

Bravenet offer free ad-suported web hosting with a simple wizard, options for message boards etc. and 20 mb of web space.
Might be a good place to learn the ropes.

Otherwise, Dreamweaver is an excellent if expensive (cough) program, but it's complex and takes some learning.
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Post by thraxas »

does his ISP give him some webspace?

most do

Tell him to start small on his own ISP webspace, or somewhere free and once he gets the bugs ironed out, When it is in this stage, just ask friends to check it out. When he is happy with it get a name and a decent host.

I will assume he is using windows (yeeuchhh). But tell him to try playing about with frontpage (not free, but ask mates for a copy), its very easy and after about a day he should have it.

He could try something like mambo or zope for a ready made oversystem to manage, I like mambo, its easy and nice.
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Post by DrMatt »

For a discussion group he might want to check out some of the free blog sites like Blogger. They throw adverts at you, but they also do all the hard technical work for you.