The Day the Clown Cried

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The Day the Clown Cried

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Oh, shit, you've got to read this...
Helmut stands at the Bar with TWO drinks in his hands -- one whiskey (A DOUBLE / WATER GLASS FULL)and a LARGE BEER -- as he looks at the two glasses, we get the feeling he is about to do what he hasn't done in a long time -- THIS APPARENTLY IS A BIG PROBLEM -- DRINKING !!

Clause, the bartender walks into the shot, looks and sees Helmut is still holding the glasses --

(who knows him and likes him)
You won't get FUNNY out of
you by putting that stuff in!
Frankly, if I were in a shit movie like this, I'd be 'putting that stuff in' too. And lot's of it. This is the worse script I've ever seen- and it's been shot. They should release this movie as a solid contender to out-bad 'Plan 9 from Outer Space'.
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Post by Goshawk »'s not a joke?

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If this is what I think it is . . . Martin fans have been searching for footage of this. Martin should get some credit for not inflicting it upon people.

. . . if only Kostner would learn that. . . .

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The script is VERY hard to read. I find it hard to believe that anyone got paid to write that shit. I'm not talking about lousy dialogue, dodgy plot concepts, anything like that. I'm talking about the stupid stage directions like "THIS APPARENTLY IS A BIG PROBLEM -- DRINKING !!" It's hard to imagine a director reading it without putting their foot through it. No actor on Earth could read it without screaming.
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You're shitting me, right? This movie was never released! A man dresses as a clown to cheer kids going to the gas chambers in a concentration camp was supposed to be a comedy! Man, this film is legendary. I have to read this stuff.
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I've been hearing about this for years. It's the holy grail of never-released movies. This ain't no Plan 9; this is Jerry Lewis from before he was a joke. (Well 10 years after Nutty Professor -- I guess he was in the vicinity of being a joke.)

And he wasn't in another movie for 8 years!