Sovereign halfwits

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Sovereign halfwits

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Here you go:

Since 2012, without law, cause or justification, GodAddy has shut this website down three times. We have had our fill of the arrogant and belittling attitude of God Addy's administration and their playing politics, depriving us access to the Internet for several days at a time. We are no longer on GodAddy. We recommend others to do the same.

Back in 2011, God Addy was purchase by a group of Zionist Banksters (slave traders) from New York City, who believe they have the right to control the Internet and how we think. GodAddy's technical support personnel were great, but the administrative swine at God Addy have a bad oder and leave a very bad taste.
Indeed. :cowbell:
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Re: Sovereign halfwits

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No one likes a bad oder. But shouldn't the name of a river be capitalized?