Shamming tactics

How not to buy a brick in a box off the back of a truck.
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Shamming tactics

Post by Pyrrho » ... ing-tactic
I roamed around the motor pool carrying an empty box. Made it look like I was already tasked with something. Worked for weeks until a NCO from another platoon finally asked me what it was I was carrying. I replied something to the effect of, "a box full of push-ups"
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Re: Shamming tactics

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I was the commanders driver in Frankfurt Germany for a medical detachment. One of my duties was to drive to the Abrams building to pick up and deliver message traffic. I normally hated going through the numerous checkpoints when I was driving alone but if my O6 was in the van we were just saluted through. So my idea was to take a resusci Annie doll, put her in my Colonels field jacket and his helmet with his eagle and watch the mud puppies wave us through.I even taped the hand up in a saluting gesture just so they had to salute.
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