Give it a rest, ladies!

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Re: Give it a rest, ladies!

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Sort of off topic but for a 94-year-old he looks in pretty good shape.

Must be that healthy Mormon lifestyle (no drinking, smoking, etc.)? ... onger.html
Mormon men live 10 years longer than other U.S. white males.Mormon women live more than five years longer than other U.S. white females.Those are the among the results of a 25-year study into the health habits and the longevity of the Mormon lifestyle by non-Mormon UCLA professors James E. Enstrom and Lester Breslow, who summarized their research with the conclusion: "Several healthy characteristics of the Mormon lifestyle are associated with substantially reduced death rates and increased life expectancy."The study, conducted from 1980 to 2004, included information from questionnaire responses by more than 9,800 faithful Mormon couples and concluded that practicing Mormons in California had the lowest total death rates and the longest life expectancies ever documented in a well-defined U.S. cohort. The authors concluded the findings suggest a model for substantial disease prevention in the general population.Mormons live by a health code called the "Word of Wisdom." They abstain from alcohol, tobacco, tea and coffee because the body is the temple of the spirit (I Cor. 3:16-17).The study revealed Mormon males had a life expectancy of 84.1 years — 9.8 years longer than that of U.S. white males. Mormon females had a life expectancy of 86.1 years — 5.6 years longer than U.S. white females.Enstrom explained in a telephone interview that there was less difference in the comparison of women than of men because women generally live substantially longer than men because of fewer risk factors in their occupations and lives.Another staggeringly significant fact to emerge from the study: The more strictly and constantly Mormons followed Mormon lifestyle elements, the longer they live.