2006 Mini-HOP Poker Challenge - sign up thread

Stump your fellow simians.
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Post by swellman »

Why not hi-lo Omaha? I hear dealing that is easy (ducks) :D

I would like to play using the rules you suggest. Pot limit omaha sounds better, but whatever...

eta: I am assuming the cards speak, i.e. the dealer evaluates and declares the rank of each hand after showdown, with the MUCK rule in effect.


I'll take it.
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Post by RCC »

I'd say pot limit,. Maybe make it all pot limit.

I'll play either way.

Is it lazy pinapple (use one or two cards of the three) or crazy pinapple (discard one card after the betting on the flop, continue as if it were holdem)?
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Post by slimshady2357 »

I'll play.
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Post by shemp »

sure, whatever, i'll play, though i don't know why
asthmatic camel
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Post by asthmatic camel »

Deal me in.
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Post by RCC »

My only question at this time is when do the games change.

My concern is whether the whole "discard" thing with pineapple is going to be a mess...
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Post by Bearguin »

What the hell. I don't understand the rules yet, but I'll toss my touque in.

Probably miss the first bit as I have holidays coming up and will have little access.

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Post by lofgeornost »

I'll play.