The British acid folk underground 1968-1974

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The British acid folk underground 1968-1974

Post by JamesM » the subtitle of the new(ish) compilation courtesy of Sanctuary Records, 'Gather in the Mushrooms'. I thought I was going to dislike most of this, but there's pleasingly little hey-nonny-nonny.

The most well-known artists present are Bert Jansch, Wicker Man-soundtrackers Magnet, Pentangle and cult favourite Vashti Bunyan, but the best tracks are 'Graveyard' by Forest and the quite lovely 'Lord and Master' by Heron, two bands I'd never heard of before.

It makes an excellent companion to the modern-day 'freak-folk' compilation 'The Golden Apples of the Sun', curated by Devendra Banhart, which I recommend highly. Not only does it serve as a sampler for several recent albums, it also has a beautiful home-recorded track by Josephine Foster, which is one of the best things I've heard all year, and is unavailable anywhere else (I think). She has a vocal style very close to Shirley Collins.

The only downside is that it can only be ordered from Bastet records on the internet, the recording arm of Arthur magazine. And it's limited to 1000 copies, with the first pressing having already sold out. Still, you should go here and get your preorder in now. Compilation of the year, I feel sure.