Kevin Trudeau in trouble (again)

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Kevin Trudeau in trouble (again)

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Kevin Trudeau, the well-known infomercial pitchman, showed up in federal court in Chicago this afternoon to face a federal judge angry that his e-mail was inundated when Trudeau asked followers to contact the judge.
Gettleman said he had been contemplating sending the case to a federal prosecutor for a possible investigation into criminal contempt of court even before today.

The action brought by the FTC led to a 2007 order by Gettleman finding Trudeau in contempt of court and ordering him to pay millions as a remedy for deceptive advertising.

The judge had found Trudeau was deceptive in infomercials for his book "The Weight Loss Cure 'They' Don't Want You To Know About."
I doubt this will stop him, but at least I hope it's making it hard for this Trudeau to run his scams.
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Do you think jail time would teach him to be careful?
I think it could go both ways. The rush of being able to mobilize masses and get rich might be so tempting that he plays the "martyr" card.
Or simply ignore it after a couple years and start the same thing.

That'd be classic.