More Crushing Disappointment for Cleveland

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Re: More Crushing Disappointment for Cleveland

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I have been hearing about that, that Ginger Liar {Biden's former Ministrix of Propaganda} [Stop that! – Ed.] Shhh! Ginger Liar would "have" to do that. The problem is the Idiot Judge basically told the NFL they created the problem without providing the risk to players. I write "Idiot," because she ruled that he had done so much sexual impropriety she lost her excuse to scold the NFL. And, frankly, that the NFL fucked up with Ray-Ray and Rapesherburgler, does not justify continuing to fuck up.

Though I am sympathetic: I laughed at the first person who noted that if THE GREATEST EVAH UNTIL HE FUCKING BETRYAED US AWL TO GO FLORIDA WHERE NATZI WHITE SUPREMACIST DESAÑOS LIVES [Sigh – Ed.] had just smashed his phone on "G-Girl's" face, he would have only got two games. Irony is that "HE DESTROYED HIS PHONE" was brought up much later as the Ideal Gas Law "became a thing."

And everything on the phone was already made available to the NFL.

No I am not bitter.


I need a cigarette.

Where was I? ["Glorious Boston Red Sox?" – Ed.] SHUT UP!

I am sympathetic to the utter fucking mess that the NFL has made of discipline. So bad, the One Guy even the "Hey, Get Some Chick to Investigate 'Cause it will Show How Progressive We are to These Bitches" investigatrix investigated and concluded was innocent because . . . reasons.

"Conduct detrimental," as Christian "Fucking Retire Brady! I have the Record for Oldest Receiver-QB TD Combination!" Faurieririairasquirrel! reminds everyone as the Golden Excuse the NFL uses to fuck everyone.

So why does Ginger Liar Hammer not do this?

Because it will keep it in the headlines.

And people, not just the Wretches from Cleveland [Redundant? – Ed.] {Forget it, he's rolling.}, want to see him play.

And that is all that matters.

"But why, then, if that's the case, are you unable to escape, from this fortress, did he go after THEGREATESTNOTPAPIORRUSSELLMYCRAYONSAREMELTING?"

Simple: the Patriots were hated. He was under pressure from owners of Useless Teams.


Who hates Cleveland?

Beyond their fans?

I hear Squealer Fans, but that is like even Today's Pats Fans and, well, Buffalo Fans hating the Jets.

Expect this to be all formality until the Season Starts which reminds me. . . . ... ki-tea.gif

– J.D.