Punching above his weight

Never agree to 3 points above the vig.
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Re: Punching above his weight

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Looks like someone we know.
Rob Lister
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Re: Punching above his weight

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Big guy, zero stamina. Wore himself out holding on to a foot. Shouldn't have been in the ring. Heart attack waiting to happen.
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Re: Punching above his weight

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For a second there, I thought the fat guy was going to eat the other guy's cornbread.

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Re: Punching above his weight

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It's all in the leverage, technique and the lean muscle mass -- 700 lbs is unhealthy no matter what, and it would reduce your mobility. I've taken down men over twice my size, so I know. A substantial portion of fighting is technique and how you utilise those techniques -- I've known guys who assume brute strength or weight is enough without adequate knowledge in battle procedures.