Muslim propaganda

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Muslim propaganda

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On this page: ... 55770.html you'll find, about midpage, a dailymotion video by some "cleric" trying to convince women to wear the hijab (or reminding their fathers/spouses/brothers/cousins/neighbors that they have to do so).

The general theme is:
– the hijab is a woman's modesty;
– a woman's modesty is her honor.

Asinine stupidity, of course, but the style of that video is interesting (I think). Kind of rap-like rhythm, presumably "for the young". So, if you like, watch some minutes from the start…

(Oh, and the article itself is about some nekid femen disrupting a "Muslim salon". :lol: )
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Re: Muslim propaganda

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As usual, men have the problem and women must suffer for it.

"Give me that ol' time religion."

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Re: Muslim propaganda

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Nice boobies though.
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Re: Muslim propaganda

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Hate speech, clearly.
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Re: Muslim propaganda

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Nice to see the friendly Muslim putting the boot in as the second one is manhandled off stage, too.