Why adopt when you can lease a dog?

How not to buy a brick in a box off the back of a truck.
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Why adopt when you can lease a dog?

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Kind of sad but sort of funny story I came across. Seemed worth passing along.

https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles ... bank-fines
The Sabins had bought their new dog, Tucker, with financing offered at the pet store through a company called Wags Lending, which assigned the contract to an Oceanside, California-based firm that collects on consumer debt. But when Dawn tracked down a customer service rep at that firm, Monterey Financial Services Inc., she learned she didn’t own the dog after all.

“I asked them: ‘How in the heck can I owe $5,800 when I bought the dog for $2,400?’ They told me, ‘You’re not financing the dog, you’re leasing.’ ‘You mean to tell me I’m renting a dog?’ And they were like, ‘Yeah.’ ”
Oh well. Maybe if they hadn't had their hearts set on such a fancy dog (some exotic breed called "Golden Retriever"). Who pays thousands of dollars when you can get one for free at the SPCA?
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Re: Why adopt when you can lease a dog?

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With some dogs costing almost as much as a car, it makes perfectly good sense. And there's no mileage charge.