Official Fucking Asshole of the Week Thread

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Re: Official Fucking Asshole of the Week Thread

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Doctor X wrote: Thu Apr 21, 2022 10:00 am Robert Smith:

This Fucking Asshole: ... 3S2JSA.JPG

He looks like a rectum.

Not just for being a cop going to prison for bribery and other charges, but for these additional reasons:
. . . Smith was outed by the feds as a belligerent racist who randomly pointed his gun at Black passersby just to enjoy the look on their faces.

“Bro I point my gun out the window now at n-----s and watch their reaction and drive way,” the then-retired officer allegedly wrote in a text message cited by federal prosecutors in the case. “Hilarious.”
. . . .
Charges against Smith to the NYPD Civilian Complaint Review Board while he was an officer accused him of repeatedly making racist comments, including one 2014 case in which he allegedly called a driver an “animal,” a “crazy monkey,” and telling the man to “go suck a c--k,” records separate from his court case show.
Proud of himself:
Smith, who once called himself “one of the most corrupt cops in the 105″ precinct in Queens, quickly turned snitch after his arrest, his lawyer says.
He now cries to the judge. His lawyer pled:
Robert Smith “will be entering the Bureau of Prisons with two targets on his head: he’s a cop, and he’s a rat,” the lawyer, Andrew Frisch, wrote in court papers.
Too bad, for you, rectums are "popular" in prison you fucking asshole.

– J.D.
Never sorry to see an asshole bite the dust.
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Re: Official Fucking Asshole of the Week Thread

Post by Pyrrho » ... eriff-says
Local sheriff's deputies and paramedics say they were initially called to the house in Trenton, S.C., after receiving a report of an unresponsive man lying in his yard. When they arrived at the scene, they found the collapsed body of Joseph McKinnon, 60. Also nearby: the body of Patricia Ruth Dent, 65, wrapped in trash bags, lying in a freshly dug pit.

While investigators believed McKinnon may have died of natural causes, they immediately suspected foul play in Dent's death. That scenario was confirmed this week by the coroner, whose autopsy report found that McKinnon had suffered a cardiac arrest and Dent had been strangled.
I hope his heart attack took a good long while.