There is no way this is a scam

How not to buy a brick in a box off the back of a truck.
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There is no way this is a scam

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Got this in my email today. Pretty well done, none of the usual red flag like a name that seems to have no connection the e-mail address and/or the company sending it. No misspellings and it looked like a very slick ad. Some group of con men went all out, I applaud them Anywhoo...

Your "Tax Settlement" Check Worth up to $127,895

Dear Reader,

Imagine walking out to your mailbox in a few weeks and finding a check for $12,500, $27,000, $58,550, all the way up to $127,895.

It could happen exactly like this...

On Tuesday, September 5, 2017, when President Trump releases his new Tax Reform Plan to the American people, approximately $2.6 trillion is presumed to begin flooding America's economy – almost overnight. That's because Big Tech will finally be required to bring home billions upon billions in overseas income as part of the biggest "tax settlement" in U.S. history.

This time, payment is mandatory.

And history tells us up to 92 cents of every dollar will end up in the pockets of lucky investors.

Fortune magazine calls it: "A gigantic windfall... one of the biggest reasons for investors to be bullish since Donald Trump's election."

Remember, this isn't money you'll receive directly from the government, which is why you can collect this money... even if you didn't pay a dime in taxes last year.

In order to cash in...
You are not required have filled out Form 1040.

You do not need to share your name with the government.

You do not have to be a customer of any companies bringing money back to the U.S.

Really, it's as simple as can be. However, not everyone is eligible to collect.

You can learn about this exciting opportunity using this special link we've set up for you.


[Some name I could not read]"

Everything but "100% risky free". So whaddya think? Pump 'n' Dump? Pyramid scheme? REALLY slick looking 419?

My money is on Maddoff style Pyramid Scheme.
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Re: There is no way this is a scam

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That's also high on the lsit of possibilities