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As some of you may know I fairly recently got an Alexa for my wife. It stays in our bedroom and we're quite happy with it. Sure, it listens in on us never having sex, and that's okay.

What disturbs me though is my wife pointed out that I am quite rude to Alexa. It seems I quite unnecessary speak to her in very sharp tones; like she's my slave or something.

I have to admit that I have caught myself doing just that. One can't 'record' a tone in an internet post but suffice it to say that when I speak to [her] it is sometimes Very Rude. I would never speak to a white computer like that.

Thing is though, if you're timid in your commands she more often that not gets what you want wrong.

For example, if you say, "Alexa, surprise me," she will tell you she doesn't understand that. But if you say, "Alexa, SURPRISE ME!" She will ...

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Janis would approve
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Alexa is a saucy little minx who needs to be put in her place.