Understated Actors

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Understated Actors

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I was watching a show yesterday and marveled at the lead actors ability to just ... act. No mannerisms, nothing superfluous. It occurred to me that there are a number of such folks that come to mind. So here is my list .. folks not terribly well known ...

Titus Welliver ... guy in Bosch, Good Wife and many others.

Casey Afflick ... brother of the better known one. First noticed him in Gone Baby Gone. Just plain excellent.

Bill Nighy .. best kept brit secret. You know him. Watch Page Eight,Turks & Caicos and Salting the Battlefield. He plays a burned out brit spy. Excellent stuff, particularly the first one.

Timothy Spall ... Catch his turn as Lord Emsworth in Blandings.

Michael Kitchen .... in Foyle's War ... he makes it look easy.
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Re: Understated Actors

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Edmond O'Brien
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Re: Understated Actors

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Abdul Alhazred wrote:I like the opposite.


Chuck McCann

Very different in styles, but they really really acted. Boy did they act. :BigGrin3:
That's what they call ham acting, isn't it?

I'm with ed on this one. I don't like it when it's obvious that the actor is acting.
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Re: Understated Actors

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Michael Kitchen played the best "King Charles" who is not actually "King" Charles.

The cast of Shawn of the Dead utterly love Bill Nighly, as does, it seems, everyone.

The Late Great Sir Nigel Hawthorne was so skilled, and beloved by such as Dame Helen Mirren:

more than one comedian is amazed that he never read his speeches off of a cue-card.

He even made us Winners from Freedom appreciate King George III:

with yet another great understated actor Ian Holm. This is a shorter and more tender scene with the same along with That Guy from Lady Hawk and An Ideal Husband . . . and War Games

As for Timothy Spall:

where you will find Smegel and a Women Famous for the Muppets and Her Husband, That Guy from Trainspotting and Rome sitting next to That Girl from Trainspotting who needs her bedsheets cleaned . . . but led by Sir Jim Broadbent whom I will always remember from:

Time Bandits which, of course, to David Warner:

known for his Progressive Approach to Transportation of Jews in Masada:

which includes Clive Francis and Anthony Quayle and the Dancer from The Time Warp who played Nero in I, Clau[STOP IT!--Ed.]

and saved the Star Trek franchise:

which has, of course, Christopher Plummer who [Thorazine!--Ed.]