Mile 22

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Mile 22

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w/ Mark Wahlberg

Went because I like Mark. Liked him in Lone Survivor and The Departed. Hoped for more.

The first 5 minutes of the flick are all jerky like. The purpose was to add immediacy to a "special op". Sorta worked, cinema verite and all. Now I am going to present the problem with this movie. I am going to share and at the same time I am going to demonstrate why I should be a studio head.

The whole fucking movie shook. It started at time 0:00:00 and ended at ... actually I couldn't tell because I got sick and was engaged in projectile vomiting for the last 45 minutes.

Between bouts of upchucking undigested popcorn and snickers bars I noted that there was a puppy in there. The plot was actually not nauseating. Mark was good, when he wasn't engaged in a St. Vitus Dance.

WTF were they thinking? Who said "hey, I just got out of film school and I learned that you have to hold a camera steady or it jerks around and makes ed upchuck undigested popcorn and snickers bars. Suppose we PURPOSELY jerk the camera around? ed would be sick as hell and we would have massive lulz. Shit, it ain't our money".

Something like that. Read the Wiki summary (or ask me) and wait for installment #2.
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Re: Mile 22

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A sequel to Mila 18.