Found story

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Found story

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Had read this ages ago, just found it courtesy of Mr. Gore's Interwebs.
I uploaded the story (not the entire volume). ... e.pdf/file
Basically it is about people from the recent past finding our tech, or more modern tech, and what they might surmise.

Sorta interesting. Enjoy.
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Re: Found story

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A worthy read. John Campbell. I think I read his Islands of Space. Not too memorable though.

A more worthy link ... lowed.html

I note that the truth he espoused in '48 is so much more true today for him than those he spoke of in '20.

I imagine someone from '48 trying to reverse engineer 7nm microcircuit integration. The smallest thing they could see with a light microscope was (and is) ~500nm ... 1/200th the ubiquitous and obligatory blonde cunt hair.