You play poker. Bill Fillmaff plays poker RIGHT!

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You play poker. Bill Fillmaff plays poker RIGHT!

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Want to play poker RIGHT? Check out Bill Fillmaff's Secret System!
Question: Who is Bill Fillmaff?

Bill Fillmaff: (laughs) Yeah, like you don't already know who I am. Bill Fillmaff is in no uncertain terms, indisputably the best all-around poker player who will ever play on Earth. I'm a Worldwide Poker Champion.

Q: Yes, you won the 1998 Worldwide Poker League Championship...

Fillmaff: That's right. And I won it with my signature hand: king-jack not suited.

Q: ...but critics of yours say that your championship doesn't really mean anything since it was done years ago against a relatively small field when compared to today's tournaments. Plus, the Worldwide Poker League only existed from 1996 to 1999. And 1998 was a strike year, so most of the players in the league were replacements and...

Fillmaff: What exactly are you trying to say, son? Once you're a Worldwide Champion, that can't be taken away from you. I have proven again and again that I'm the best all-around poker player there is to the point that nobody even comes forward to dispute this anymore. That means I'm UNDISPUTED the best.
Watch the video, it's a riot.
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Pretty good Helmuth impersonation he has going there.

I love the "make sure other players know they are bad, that way you are better" thing... I always wondered where people got that idea...