What The Fuck Is This?

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What The Fuck Is This?

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Might be the greatest sport of all time...

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Re: What The Fuck Is This?

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You may enjoy this show, this "sport" is in the first episode.

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Re: What The Fuck Is This?

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Shots from a small cannon or Colubrine announces the beginning of the event. The game starts when the Pallaio throws and kicks the ball toward the center line, then at the first whistle as the ball first rests on field, 15 forwards or Corridori begin fighting in a wild mixed martial arts match- punching, kicking, tripping, hacking, tackling, and wrestling with each other in an effort designed to tire opponents' defenses, but which often descends into an all-out brawl. They try to pin and force into submission as many players possible. Once there are enough incapacitated players, the other teammates come and swoop up the ball and head to the goal.

From this moment on, the players try by any means necessary to get the ball into the opponents' goal, also called caccia. The teams change sides with every caccia or goal scored. It is important to shoot with precision, because every time a player throws or kicks the ball above the net, the opposing team is awarded with a half caccia. The game ends after 50 minutes and the team which scored the most cacce wins.
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Re: What The Fuck Is This?

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Anaxagoras wrote: Thu May 27, 2021 10:26 am The teams change sides
Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.