Beginning to feel old?

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Beginning to feel old?

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Become a rotifer.
The bdelloid rotifer is awake – and we're going to need to buy some more birthday candles.

For the past 24,000 years, the multicellular microorganism has been snoozing in Siberian permafrost, having become frozen in the Arctic ice right around the same time in history that humans first ventured into North America during the Upper Paleolithic era, otherwise known as the Late Stone Age.

A bdelloid rotifer is a freshwater creature that can be found around the world, measuring too small to see with the naked eye at 150 and 700 μm, the unit for micrometers which are used to measure microns. For comparison, the thickness of paper measures 70 to 180 μm.

Not only did the animal come back to life from its frozen nap, but it also successfully cloned itself multiple times with an asexual reproduction form known as parthenogenesis.
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Re: Beginning to feel old?

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So it is Woke?

– J.D.
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Re: Beginning to feel old?

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