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We saw Antlers on guy movie night.

Antlers is a film made during the Hollywood intersectional feminism trend and it shows. It is confused about what it is, and makes very literal sense at any point. The characters never behave realistically and mainly act like children.

It was funny to watch. We mocked the woke tropes and poor writing non-stop as they were more entertaining that the shocks. It is derivative without good cause and pays no homage when done. It borrows poorly. It steals worse. It is mostly people carrying "idiot balls" in order for there to be "strong female protagonist who knows what's best for her students over their hick parents".

The movie sucks dicks, but is fun to watch as historical artifact of the badness of woke films. I recommend Sativa for this shitfest to yuk it up.

I have a suspicion this was the case as well: