A German (natch) Target Rifle

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A German (natch) Target Rifle

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A rather cool thing.

8.15x46mmR caliber. 31.5" barrel length. Approx. 12 lbs. Cartridge is obsolete but looks to me to be very similar to a .30-30 cartridge, very common here for deer.


Note the rear sight.

<not mine> The disk has a small aperture maybe 50 thousandths? I guess the disk is to minimize distraction. Removeable (using that key thing) so that other sights can be used.

It has a set trigger. You pull the rear trigger to "set" the front one so that almost a breath will fire it.

Front sight is removeable/replaceable.

It is quite cool and useless for anything other than target shooting. For reference, an AR weighs ~ 6.6 lbs.
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Re: A German (natch) Target Rifle

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Trust you, Ed, to come up with a riveting topic. Wow.

I think I speak for all here when I say BRAVO. Bravo and thanks.
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Re: A German (natch) Target Rifle

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The stock is such an odd shape. It looks like there's a crack in the metal (?) at the tip of the lever.
Have you fired it?